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Veterans Outreach Specialist 20hrs Wk

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Columbus, OH
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Jan 22, 2018
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The Contractor shall deliver, assign, transfer, and convey to DVS all rights, title, and interest to all documents, data, materials, information, processes, studies, reports, surveys, proposals, plans, codes, scientific information, technological information, regulations, maps, equipment, charts, schedules, photographs, exhibits, software, software source code, documentation, and other materials and property prepared or developed or created or discovered under or in connection with this contract. 

·         The Contractor shall furnish professional services performed in accordance with community standards necessary for the satisfactory performance of the work hereunder 

·         The Contractor shall furnish its own support staff necessary for the satisfactory performance of the contract. 

·         The Contractor shall consult with the personnel of the State and other appropriate persons, agencies, and instrumentalities as necessary to assure understanding of the work and satisfactory completion thereof. 

·         Contractor shall monitor the activities and outcomes of the Medicaid to VA program in accordance with Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 5902.21. 

·         Contractor shall contact veterans who identify themselves through the Medicaid Landing Page and assess the veteran’s needs. 

·         Contractor shall maintain a database of self-identified veterans via the Medicaid Landing page and the contact made with said veterans. 

·         Contractor shall provide the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) with data files containing the complete data extract from the Medicaid Landing Page. 

·         Contractor shall attend monthly Medicaid Landing Page meetings with the interagency group, consisting of, but not limited to, members of DVS, ODM, and the Ohio Department of Aging. 

·         Contractor shall share statistics with the interagency group on a monthly basis. 

·         Contractor shall refer Veterans and their families or guardians to CVSOs for the evaluation/filing of new or upgraded claims with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), providing assistance as necessary. 

·         Contractor shall track and monitor progress of new and upgraded claims and write reports of such progress

·         Contractor shall respond to inquiries and provide assistance to veterans and their families or guardians related to transitioning from Medicaid to VA assistance for nursing home care 

·         Contractor shall track conversion of veterans from Medicaid beds to VA beds and write weekly reports of such tracking 

·         Refer veterans to employment assistance offices when needed 

·         Inform veterans of the variety of services available at a CVSO, to include financial assistance 

·         Provide feedback of program to interagency group to improve services provided. 

·         Track and monitor progress of veterans who are eligible for VA medical, VA compensation claim, or unemployment assistance. 

·         Respond promptly to veterans returning phone calls and e-mails. 

·         Work with CVSOs who call with questions/concerns of veterans forwarded to their offices. 

·         Contractor shall attend regular meeting of Medicaid to VA program stakeholders. 

·         Contractor shall travel to various locations within the State of Ohio as necessary, at contractor’s own expense, to perform the services 

·         Reports:  Contractor shall provide DVS with reports on a weekly basis.  In the event that the activities contemplated herein are to be financed in whole or in part by a gift, grant, loan or donation from any person, agency or instrumentality other than DVS, the Contractor shall submit to the State such reports and information and comply with such other conditions as DVS may require in order to fulfill its obligations under any agreement providing for such financial assistance. DVS shall give the Contractor timely notice in writing of such requirements. 



Contractor shall be provided office space, a computer, and a telephone to conduct services required under this agreement. Contractor shall obey and observe all Information Technology rules, regulations, and procedures related to the use of State Communication devices and computer systems. Contractor shall perform services on an average of 20 hours per week.  



·         Must have experience and expertise in providing a minimum of three (3) previous projects in the previous five years.

·         Must have a minimum of three references within the past five years