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Development Director

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East St. Louis, IL
$72,000 - $83,000
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Direct Hire
Jun 14, 2017
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Develops, monitors and coordinates overall plans and implementation schedules for all approved development programs.  Coordinates all phases of development including site selection, property acquisition, proposal development, construction document creation, and funding.
 Oversees the procurement of A/E Services for Development activities.  Ensures that procurement documents for A/E services are prepared in accordance with HUD guidelines and ESLHA policy and procedures.  Ensures that A/E services procured are within budgetary requirements.
 Establishes, monitors internal administrative controls and routine operation of development activities.
Oversees the contract administration of A/E contracts for Development activities.  Ensures that all A/E Services are provided in accordance with established schedules.  Reviews specifications, drawings and bid documents prepared by A/E firms to conform to HUD and ESLHA requirements.  Ensures that payment requests, contract modifications, settlement documents and claims are processed in accordance with HUD guidelines and ESLHA policies and procedures.
 Monitors HUD review of Development activities.  Ensures that all HUD comments are answered in a timely manner.  Maintains appropriate documentation to monitor HUD reviews.
Oversee and monitors budgets for Development activities.  Coordinates with the Finance Department to ensure that all obligation and expenditure deadlines are met.

Responsible for compliance with Davis-Bacon and other federal and state labor standards for Development activities.
 Keeps abreast of changes in Federal Regulations that affect Development programs.
Coordinates Development activities with other ESLHA departments and ESLHA residents.
Responsible for development of new public housing units.
Periodically visits construction sites to ensure accurate progress and quality reporting.
Prepares, develops, completes, and submits grant applications for funding.
Other duties as assigned.